Yummy American Style Pool Side Snacks

One of the best things about a pool party is the pool party snacks, whether we make them or just enjoy eating them, here are some mouth watering snacks for the coming up summer season.

Bite sized corn dogs

All time favorite corn dogs in a cute package

Spicy and Sweet Chicken 

Chunks of tasty flavored chicken

Stuffed mushrooms 

Little mouthfuls of juicy earthy bites

Jalapeno corn Dip 

Spicy and yummy noting bets corn and cheese


Zucchini chips

A tasty alternative to chip an dips

Shared party Loaf 

All in one bread and dip dish

Fruit Ice blocks

Ice cold fruit juice best served cold! and what better way to get your kids to have a creative fruit salad.

Chocolate Banana Pops

Yum Yum just Yum!

Chocolate trail mix bites 

What are your favorite party snacks that you would like to share with us?

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